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He creates artworks using IC chips that have been shattered into fragments by crushing semiconductors.

The choice of semiconductor material is based on its relevance to his background in quantum physics. Semiconductors have been understood and developed through quantum mechanics, the physics of the microscopic world of atoms and molecules.Humanity has developed along with it, and it has become indispensable in today's information society.

In such a microscopic world, there are also strange phenomena and behaviors that go against human intuition. His works focus on the eeriness of the fact that all things, bodies of living creatures, and the world itself are composed of and harmonized with such materials, and that semiconductors and other products are created and support humanity based on the strange theory that no one can understand, but only know how to use them.

The shattering of semiconductors represents how unattainable mankind's intellect and perception of the material world is, and expresses our longing and awe for the universe.

From another perspective, in today's information society, where opportunities for thinking are gradually disappearing, it may make sense to shatter the semiconductor, a symbol of the pursuit of convenience and efficiency, and attempt to transform its value into art that encourages thinking.







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