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From the microscopic viewpoint of atoms and molecules, the components of the world, my works focus on the structure of the material world, its strangeness, and its relationship to humankind.

Phenomena and principles manifested in the microscopic world have a wide range of applications in science and technology, including semiconductors, chemistry, biology, and medicine. On the other hand, these phenomena and principles defy human intuition and have reached the philosophical realm of how to interpret them.

I was moved by the surprisingly strange nature of the things that make up the world, and my curiosity about the true nature and essence of the real world in which we live led me to major in quantum physics and study it, which led to the creation of this work.

In the “
Series,” a representative group of works, I use crushed semiconductors (IC chips) in my artworks. The semiconductor is a key item that connects the material world and humankind, and expresses our limitedness and non-accessibility to the world, as well as our longing and awe for the universe. *

In the “relations series,” which uses chemical reactions, works focus on relationships and interactions based on the interpretation that the real world is woven by relationships. *

From the unique perspective of physics, I explore new possibilities of expression by using ready-made objects and materials that are not usually used as art materials.








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