1995年 兵庫県神戸市生まれ。
2018年 関西大学 システム理工学部 物理・応用物理学科 卒業。

1995 Born in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.
Graduated from Department of Physics and Applied Physics, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Kansai University in 2018.
In the same year, I joined Fujitsu Limited and worked as a system engineer, but took a leave of absence in July 2020 due to worsening of my depression, which I had suffered from for a long time. I reconsidered my self-worth, and in September of the same year I began painting on my own. I retired in March 2021 and decided to become a painter. I pursue my own expression by using philosophical thoughts based on my own experiences and illness as my subject matter.





技法「歪み」の基として、私はポーリングアートを採用している。ポーリングアートとは支持体(キャンバスなど)に絵具を大量に流し込み、支持体を傾けながら模様を描く手法である。偶然性が強いという性質を持ったポーリングアートの「同じ作品は二度と描けない」ことに人の負の感情や存在の唯一無二性を重ね視たのだ。人の感情は、どんなに親しい友人、家族、恋人であっても当人以外には理解できない。人によって育った環境や価値観等が違い、同じ事象を体験したとしても同じ感情にはなり得ないからだ。また、〈私〉は〈あなた〉にはなり得ない。そもそも原理的に理解できないのである。これは哲学者ルートヴィヒ・ヴィトゲンシュタイン(Ludwig Wittgenstein,1889-1951)の考えにも通ずる。人はどうしようもなく孤独なのだ。そして、「人は分かり合えない故に孤独である」というのは、「人はそれぞれ唯一無二である」ことの証明であるとも考える。ここに、表現の手法としてポーリングアートを採用する意義を見出している。





I create abstract paintings based on pouring art techniques, and have developed my own technique called "HIZUMI" (Distortion Meaning Japanese). The literally distorted patterns created by HIZUMI represent negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, impatience, and desire for death that appear in people's sensitive minds, which have their origin in the depression that I experienced. In particular, with regard to the desire for death, I believed that it was a common thing that everyone had, but I felt that this was a "distorted" perception and that I was disconnected from the world. Because of this disconnection, I considered negative emotions, including thoughts of desire to die, to be a distortion between myself and the world, and I chose "HIZUMI" as the technique to express this distortion.

Negative emotions felt by people, no matter how close they are to their friends, family, or loved ones, cannot be understood by anyone other than the people themselves. This is because each person's upbringing, environment, values, etc. are different, and even if they experienced the same event, they would not have the same feelings. Therefore, I believe that people are alone. I focus on this and try to liberate myself and the viewer from solitude by sharing and sympathizing with negative emotions through viewing artworks. In times of pain and suffering, what really cheers us up is not positive cheering songs, but songs of darkness, sadness, and suffering. Rather than irresponsible cheering up, I believe that raising a voice to say that there are people suffering here, too, can create sympathy and ease loneliness. I would be happy if my work could provide emotional support to those who view it, and if it could help them to face themselves.

I also believe that "people are lonely because they cannot understand each other" is proof that "each person is unique", and this is why I have adopted pouring art as my means of expression. This is the reason why I chose pouring art as a means of expression, and I see negative emotions and the uniqueness of human existence in the "never the same work can be painted twice" nature of pouring art, which is highly accidental.

In addition, I believe that the experience of depression is not just a dark past, but a necessity for me. Without sadness, there is no happiness, and without darkness, there is no light. Obstacles to overcome make people grow. I believe this is what makes us human and beautiful.



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