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アンカー 1

Two pre-made clear colorless liquids are dropped onto the support. When they cross, a chemical reaction occurs and the color turns red.

One interpretation of strange phenomena and properties that contradict quantum intuition is that the world is made up of interactions. One object (thing) does not exist as a mutually independent entity with definite attributes, but through interaction with another object. It is through its relationship with another that its attributes are manifested. In other words, there are only attributes that are determined by relationships. The web of relations weaves reality, and the knot is the thing.

By mixing (interacting) two colorless liquids that do not interact with each other and are regarded as having no attributes, the two objects take on color (attributes emerge) and emerge as entities.
In one interpretation, the production process of this group of works itself represents the true nature of the world.




アンカー 2
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